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At PROVOKE.VISION we shine a light on the most compelling of subjects, with a

mission to create authentic works that stimulate, inform, and PROVOKE conversation. 


Founded in Los Angeles by Eduardo (Lalo) Barrón. A veteran in the world of content licensing, Lalo ran the Broadcast team at Getty Images for over a decade.  He and his team were part of thousands of on-air, theatrical and online programs, working closely with networks and producers large and small.


Growing up in 1980's South Central Los Angeles, Lalo was inspired to search for higher truths through explorations of art and music.  These journeys often took him out of his comfort zone, challenging known boundaries, and beliefs.  The thrill he recalls seeing punk, goth, experimental bands, performance art, or surrealist films; is something he has never forgotten. Through PROVOKE.VISION Lalo is trying to encapsulate those visceral sensations for his viewers, with a mission to offer a personal experience that allows the spectator the opportunity to reconsider what they understand as they explore the unknown. With this in mind, PROVOKE. is a place for visionaries to realize transcendent creations, and viewers to discover alternative truths.  


PROVOKE.VISION is not a production company so much as an experiential entity answering a calling to create unique happenings to be explored and shared. 

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