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Mitch Horowitz, PEN Award-winning author of the book OCCULT AMERICA (“fascinating”—Ken Burns), explores subjects and individuals rarely discussed in historical texts. The purpose of the show is to reveal what is “hidden” and to challenge our viewers to consider for themselves the impact of the esoteric on their lives.


Each episode focuses on a specific occult subject, demystifying it for our viewers.

LOGLINE: Hidden truths come to life in a show that explores the dark and mysterious history of America. 





ACT I, HIDDEN PAST (Cinematic retelling)

The viewer is immersed in an occult event from the past. America’s historically valid and little-known occult history comes alive, revealing a mysterious dark scene directly from the pages of the book Occult America. These are haunting yet compelling stories, all of them true.


These vignettes are both stylized and cinematic, with our viewers fully absorbed and captivated. Once we have them,

then we roll credits.


ACT II. THE TRUTH REVEALED (A Stylized Overview)

Mitch guides our viewers through what they’ve experienced by explaining the historical, religious, and cultural context

of the subject.


He is candid yet passionate and allows his love for these unsung heroes and topics to be visible.



Because many practices are still happening among contemporary people who preserve occult religions and ceremonies,

Mitch speaks directly with these figures to unveil yet another layer of what continues to be hidden and misunderstood.

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Jack W. Parsons, a life of myth and magick


From the American dream to unimaginable nightmares; set in the salacious underbelly of mid-century Los Angeles, you will witness extraordinary accomplishments in science, alchemy, and forbidden magic resulting in the birth of rocketry. Jack Whiteside Parsons was a child of the depression from a broken home, raised by his devoted mother. Taking care of his own family forced him to grow up fast and control his destiny.


Captivated by stories of the future where men traveled beyond the stars, Jack dedicated his

life to turn this fantasy into reality. Though unable to afford a formal education, Jack's fearless experimentation in rocketry caught the eyes of the great minds at CAL TECH. At a time before NASA, this young unpaid chemist changed the world forever by inventing the rocket fuel that helped America win the War and put a man on the Moon. 



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